Open the Door to Your Heart - Yugi Yamada

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Open the Door to Your Heart by Yugi Yamada

Honda's life is anything but exciting; he works as a public tax accountant for the city. Honda and Shunji are cousins, but when Shunji's parents passed away, he was adopted into Honda's family. Yet, Shunji went missing for 10 years. Now, when Honda is reunited with his younger brother, his life is flipped up-side-down! What do they have to say to each other after all these years?

I probably should have just skipped this, but I was intrigued and ultimately just as ambivalent about this spin-off into the lives of secondary characters from Close the Last Door as I was about the original series.

I'm also unduly annoyed at “everybody's gay” in m/m and yaoi because while queer communities can be insular, it smacks of fantasy or just straight up ruins my suspension of disbelief.

This volume does some time jumping and poetically ambles around, explaining 'love’ and 'brotherhood’ between two who are actually cousins. Meanwhile it actually tries to establish some sort of plot which carries this relationship from the past into the present. However, the charm lay in the philosophizing and yearning, so the plodding necessity of something about back taxes made for a dull final result.

Pages: 200
Year: 15 Dec 2010
Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing

Read: 7 Dec 17 - 7 Dec 17
Stars: 2.5 (not quite ambivalent, almost liked it)