Morning Reader Edition #9

Welcome to the new year! Here’s hoping you accomplish the goals you set for yourself but you don’t derail yourself from the pressure.

I’ve decided to decrease my goal from that of last year, only 50 books this year. This is mostly because I want to be back in school this fall and intend to read some academic and foreign language books before then. With more rigorous books I’m sure it’ll be slower going, so I’m aiming at less than one book a week. Too bad I’ve already read 5 romance books… True, three of the five were novellas, but I’m sure you agree.

I’m also introducing a new feature! One of the most famous (and pleasingly alliterative) “Waiting” features among Book Bloggers is Waiting On Wednesday from the inactive blog Breaking the Spine. Since I want to draw attention to upcoming books, I figure I can do this by posting about them a week to a few days before they come out— just in case you haven’t pre-ordered them, you still have a chance to crack them on your kindles at midnight and so on.

This feature will be called ‘Waiting For Tuesday’ since most books come out on Tuesdays. The posts can be recognized by the WFT preceding the post title and the label 'wft'. I was thinking about contributing my own thoughts to them, but that is seldom possible unless I find a preview or excerpt, and in the case of reading a review, I’ll post that as soon as I have it and then link to it from my WFT post. All these posts will be found under ‘wft’ btw. Look for the first post this coming Tuesday!

I’m still not sure what to do with a FCT post once I’ve read and reviewed the whole book. I assume I’ll run into a similar problem with WFT. Perhaps I’ll just strip all the tags aside from the feature tag once I have a review up and link to the review…

If you’re reading this I’d love to hear about your own goals for this year. Thanks for sticking around. ♥