Morning Reader Edition #10

Bookmarks from the etsy shop: Words by Jasmin
January is in it’s last dregs and I’ve read an average of two books per week. None of those reviews are up yet. However, I’m currently reading four books — alright, five — and want to mention them briefly.

First of all: I was hoping to post a first chapter opinion, but the book got away from me, hence there being five… I guess that doesn't explain the rest, though.

The Pureblood Pretense. Shirin aka @defenderofkittens [ instagram ][ blog ] spammed her followers long enough to convince several of us to read an ambitious fanfic series whose central conceit is: in a world where Tom Riddle became a politician and Harry was born Harriet, the young Potter is forced to cross-dress so she can attend Hogwarts, a pureblood-only institution, and study under her idol, Professor Snape. Alanna: The Song of the Lioness meets Harry Potter. You can read the first three years completely, the fourth is currently in progress of being written. I got pretty swept up in it at first, and still think it's very sweet, and think the cross-dressing is handled very well so far, but I kind of think I like Rigel with Pansy better than Rigel with Draco… but they’re only 11. Is it too much to ask for them to blush while holding hands awkwardly? (Spoilers-but-not-really, Shirin says these fanfics aren’t very queer, if at all.)

Kiss the Girl is the first in a series of loosely connected f/f romance novels all revolving around a Manhattan ad company. It’s pretty awesome, except I’ve lost some steam recently. I’m not sure if its just my romance phase ending or if the book is missing some chunk of heart, perhaps? I don’t think that’s it.

The Alchemists of Loom was oddly slow for me to get into, a hot open with a kick-ass criminal writing names in blood (not literally) isn’t new, and I was afraid she’d turn out to be more bark than bite. This book may contain more cliché phrases than any book with heady riches should. It’s got a refreshing steampunk vibe that has nothing to do with London, and the two races of people are like vampiric angels and ashy intellectuals. That’s not a good way to put it. But I’m running out of ways to make this sound enticing. Just honest-to-goodness enjoyable adventure. (Can I get a map with my audiobook, though?)

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian is a book I’ve been meaning to start for a while, and while reading something I ended up ditching, I kept thinking about this damn story, and all the books written by Rick Riordan I haven't even cracked open yet. Is Percy Jackson a flawless series? God, no. Should everyone give it a shot? Hell, yes.

And, don’t mad, but I thought I’d read a chapter or two of I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo, but then I got six chapters in and still can’t convince myself that putting it aside was a great idea. It’s got a low-level threat of Makjang under its current of ‘type-A student dreaming of Stanford’ to remind us about the humility and silliness of high school, love and life.

Well, that's it. It's more than enough, anyway.