The Gods Lie - Kaori Ozaki

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The Gods Lie by Kaori Ozaki

Natsuru Nanao, a 6th grader who lives alone with his mother, strikes up an unlikely friendship with the reserved and driven Rio Suzumura. Natsuru plays hookey from soccer camp that summer, and instead of telling the truth to his mother, he spends all his time with Rio and her kid brother at their rickety house, where a dark secret threatens to upend their fragile happiness.

I’d been hearing about this for a while and wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend money on buying it (conveniently forgetting my library exists) so I flipped through it in the store and still wasn’t sure. So I didn’t buy it, but maybe my review can help you out.

I don’t know what exactly what I was expecting. I read it all at once while standing in Barnes and Noble in the graphic novels section, and yes, I know you’re not supposed to do that.

I’m glad it turned out the way it did, it wasn’t as bizarre a story as I thought it might turn out to be. and I’m thankful for that, and it’s a story that I might see myself rereading at some point, but I didn’t really want to spend the money on it at that moment.

Anyway, it's about kids who are having problems with father figures. Or the lack thereof.

Honestly, if the ending weren’t so grisly, it could have been a ghibli movie. Let's be real, compared to Graveyard of the Fireflies, it could have been worse.

Spoiler time, I was totally expecting there to be something really really macabre about the sweet smell in the backyard, and was right about the body, but I expected it to be that the girl killed her dad and buried him, not that the grandpa died and they were hiding that they were living alone. But the ending, that the dad was local the whole time and just left them….

What a fucked up story.

Not surprised about the content, it's creepy, but I was surprised about the bleakness of the conclusion. The gods lie, indeed.

Pages: 216
Year: 19 April 2016 (20 September 2013)
Publisher: Vertical Comics

Read: 23 September 2017
Stars: 3 (liked it)