Morning Reader Edition #8

Just some of the books I own...

Man, I've made a mess and I'm only just getting to the point of where you can see what I've cleaned up. You know what I mean.

First, and possibly most importantly, I'm going to be debuting a new feature for this blog where I read the first chapter of books to narrow down my to-be-read (TBR) list. Feel free to make use of this on your own book review blog.

I want to give a shot to some books that I've been hanging on to for a long time. I own over one thousand physical books and am well on my way to two thousand ebooks. I’ve also shelved almost eight thousand books as to-be-read on Goodreads. So in order to pare down this list and to move out some of the books on my shelves, I’m going to read the first chapter of books I’m curious about and record my thoughts. Other things I want to include are: short blurb, status of ownership, and verdict.

The feature will be called First Chapter Thoughts, and can be recognized by "FCT" preceding the post title and the label FCT.

To this end, started to reorganize my to-be-read list! I don't remember who I was talking to exactly (I think it was Ekho) but I decided to cut my TBR shelf into smaller lists which are of a higher priority.
    • tbr-priority
    • tbr-netgalley
    • tbr-library-loan
    • tbr-own-ebook/new-york/germany

I made some quick links for star-ratings, in case you want to see all my faves and bombs in one place, just click in the side bar. I'm not feeling this 100% and may undo it soon.

Struggling with content warnings, I posted something after doing a lot of thinking.

Catching up on reviews has made me realize I don't get a lot out of the monthly wrap up so I need to make some modifications. Not sure how.

#sumtbreadathon this July wasn't a bust, but I thought I could actually read over 20 books. I ended up having less time and less head-space.

Look forward to the inauguration of First Chapter Thoughts!