Kiss Him Not Me 11 - JUNKO

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Kiss Him, Not Me vol. 11 by JUNKO

It's Kae, coming to you from a crazy situation! After running into my childhood friend, Mistuboshi, at a voice actor event, I was excited to introduce him to everyone. But something wasn't right about Mitsuboshi, and now he's tricked me and separated me from the group! ... He has an extreme plan to keep me from Shima and the guys forever, and it's going to take everyone's efforts together to stop him. I've grown so much with the help of my friends, but Mitsuboshi just wants to keep the old me. Can we stop him before it's too late, and will someone have to put themselves in danger? ... Special bonus story! If you thought what happened with Mitsuboshi was wild, wait until you see what happens when we fall prey to a body-switching mystery! With the boys' bodies, I can finally take all the BL-inspired photos I want! Oh, and I guess we should solve the mystery too…

If you read the previous review you know that Kae’s childhood friend is a total creep and he’s kidnapped her. The cover reveals his master plan: he wants her to get fat again (so no one else loves her, because her personality is all he loves about her, and everyone just loves her body— or so he says) and then marry her so she’s by his side forever. He depends on her support of him, depends on the relationship. It comes out that it’s actually he who doesn’t see her for who she really is, wanting her to be the same person she was when they were kids, and her new friends (who all want to date her) actually like her as she is, and don’t want her to change or do anything against her will.

Like, that’s nice and all, but I’m seriously dismayed by this kidnapping plot line.

The reasons for his obsession are kinda weak to be completely honest. He’s kind of a reignless psycho, an amalgamation of stereotypes and pop-sci ideas about what crazy obsession is. I am so close to giving up hope, but the next one looks like the final volume. (Not a spoiler: it isn’t the last volume.)

So anyway, he drags her to a church in order to force him to marry her and there’s some weird complicity but backstabbing by his assistant, but in the end the team assembles to help her! No surprise, they stop the wedding but, SPOILERS, one of them is seriously injured.

Whatever will happen next, I wonder. Ugh. I'm stuck, I already bought and read the next volume. Click here if you really want to find out what I thought when I read it.

Pages: 160
Year: June 20, 2017
Publisher: Kodansha Comics

Read: 7 October 2017
Stars: 1 (didn’t like it)