His Favorite Series

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His Favorite (v. 1-9) by Suzuki Tanaka

Awkward Yoshida is hated by all the girls in school for his perceived closeness with hot guy Sato, who uses hanging out with Yoshida as an excuse to turn them all down. If Yoshida is merely an excuse, why does Sato taunt him in private about “his favorite”? Is it possible Sato’s feelings run deeper than friendship? And what could he possibly see in the funny-looking Yoshida? Watch Yoshida’s life turn upside down with hilarious results!

According to wiktionary, this is on-point for yaoi: from Japanese やおい (yaoi), an acronym of Yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi (ヤマなし、オチなし、意味なし), "no climax, no point, no meaning".

I got sucked in and spent way too much time and money on this series of boys-love scenarios. Because that’s all it really is, a series of tropes strung together with a mean pretty boy and an “ugly” tough guy who is really short.

This series contains: badly proportioned hands and bodies (though I've seen much worse), mean girls, asshole love interest, non-consensual or dubiously-consensual sexual interactions, and a total disregard to boundaries or desires.

While it has its moments, there's already enough explosive boys-love stories out there. We didn't really need another. Me saying “it's not as bad as others" isn't saying much. I know it's good that things are getting better but they're still not good enough, and I can’t really believe I read nine volumes of this before I gave up.

Pages: 1,676
Year: 2012 to present
Publisher: SuBLime, an imprint of VIZ Media

Read: 10 October 2017 to 11 October 2017
Stars: 2.5 (curious enough, foolishly hopeful)