FCT: It's Like This, Cat - Emily Neville

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It’s Like This, Cat by Emily Neville

“Dave Mitchell is fourteen and growing up in the midst of the variety and excitement of New York City. In this quiet, reflective, and humorous story of a boy's journey toward adulthood, Emily Neville captures the flavor of one kind of New York boyhood -- the sights and sounds of Gramercy Park, Coney Island, the Fulton Fish Market, the Bronx Zoo, the stickball games played in city streets, the fascinating mixture of nationalities and eccentrics that give the huge metropolis so much of its flavor and excitement. But most of all the author tells a realistic tale of Dave's affection for a stray tomcat, his comradeship with a troubled nineteen-year-old boy, his first shy friendship with a girl, and his growing understanding of his father as a human being and not just a parent.” 

I got this from the library because of the title, and was a little surprised to see all the nostalgic reviews for it on goodreads. It’s a little sliced up story about life in NYC in the 50s (maybe the 60s) and reads like your average Newberry fare.

The voice is also somehow reminiscent of Cometbus, and while that’s a detraction from it, I found it very conversational and interesting. Though it’s short and I could read it all now if I wanted, I don’t want to. I have this hankering at the moment, and this doesn’t suit me just now. Maybe in a few months, maybe never. It’s not bad though.

Verdict: TBR someday.

Pages: 180
Year: 1963
Publisher: Harper & Row