FCT: Heirs of Empire - Evan Currie

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Heirs of Empire (The Scourwind Legacy #1) by Evan Currie

“The empire was built by the infamous Scourwind family, but now General Corian threatens to claim power and cause chaos. Corian knows he will need the support of the Scourwind heirs, twins Lydia and Brennan. But as the two are thrust into the crossfire, they make a daring escape. As the stakes rise, Lydia and Brennan seek revenge, but if their plan fails, the empire will be lost forever.”

I was only able to preview 8 or 10 pages of this 350 page book and can see myself reading this when I want something a little more ‘easy’ or ‘light’ but fun. Really what got me was the front cover, and description. Also there are no red-flags of racism or sexism yet. The main character for those pages is a bad-ass knight for the empire named Mira Delsol. I read some reviews while deciding whether to buy this ebook, and saw that the story may seem familiar to long-time readers in the genre, that the prose is as purple and a bit stiff at times, that this reads like an old knight’s tale of legendary Europe set in space. And none of that was so terrible in the bit I read.

Status: I don’t own this, I read the preview on Amazon.

Verdict: I’d read this, but I’m not feeling it right now.

Pages: 350
Year: September 22, 2015
Publisher: 47North, an imprint of Amazon Publishing

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