Dragonborn - Maeghan Friday

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Dragonborn by Maeghan Friday

Prince Ben and Princess Cecily are dragonborn. Since birth, the brother and sister have shared a body, shapeshifting from one form to the other each sunset. In exchange for this magic, they have been promised from birth to a mysterious dragon, who is set to collect on their twentieth birthday, which is now just weeks away.

With the help of two tutors, a bodyguard, and a foreign princess, they must find a way out of the betrothal, delving into their kingdom's history and learning to harness their magic - all the while challenging the kingdom's laws and restrictions on love.

Dragon magic, polyamory and queer folx. Sounds like fun to me.

I binged yet another book, Dragonborn, a small press novella about a brother and sister who share a body, forced to shapeshift each sunset. I wanted it to be longer so I could know more about the developing relationships, and some things aren’t well resolved because of the pace, but all the marginalized orientations, gender alignments and identities gave me life. I seriously was so giddy. My heart was pounding and I almost couldn't put it down to get through my day!

So this is a romance novella featuring several different relationships, with a side of intrigue as they try to live in spite of the bigoted establishment. See the book page on Less Than Three Press for content notes including general spoilers.

Pages: 135
Year: 5 October 2015
Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Read: 5 October 2017
Stars: 4 (really liked it)