3 - Hannah Moskowitz

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3 by Hannah Moskowitz

You just have to be a brave and certain kind of person, and I don't think that I am. I'm sarcastic and loyal and a little shy. I'm quietly and slightly Catholic. I'm a daughter trying to learn how to be a sister. I'm a virgin. I'm a butterflier.

I've never been in love.

Taylor Cipriano had everything figured out, back when she lived with her single mother in Miami. Now, she's moved upstate for her junior year to live with her mom's boyfriend and her soon-to-be-stepsister and is trying to figure out who she is out of the shadow of her best friend. When she meets Theo—quirky, cute, sensitive Theo—he seems like a great match...except he has a girlfriend. Josey, icy and oh-so-intimidating.

But Theo and Josey aren't like anyone Taylor's met before; Josey grew up in a polyamorous family, and the two of them have a history of letting a third person in to their relationship. It's nothing Taylor's ever considered before...but she really likes Theo.

Her feelings for Josey, though?

That's where it really gets complicated.

3 unwraps who we love and how we love, in numbers as odd as we are.

Surprisingly touching and deft look at polyamory with teens, and how it's about more than just one guy dating two girls at the same time.

A lot sweeter than I expected, and I was of course hoping that there would be more romance between the two girls but that wasn’t the point of the book, anyway. While Taylor is the protagonist, this book isn’t just about her own growth.

I thought it was interesting Theo was described as lazy. Because usually you hear that a polyamorous relationship requires a lot of work. Josey was such an ambitious teen, and she contrasted him so clearly, and her own relationship with Taylor was nuanced and has a lot of potential in it.

But the rep was good, the relationships were good. It had good drama without being… angsty, I guess? I liked that the lives of teens was real and there was a clear clash with the more traditional values of parents.

Damn, I loved this trio and I consumed this book in a single day even as my eyes swam. I wish I could have more of them.

Pages: 261
Year: 31 October 2016
Publisher: Self-Published

Read: 22 September 2017
Stars: 4.5 (adored it)