The Tea Dragon Society - Katie O'Neill

The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O'Neill

Katie O’Neill, author of Princess Princess Ever After, is coming out with a new graphic novel about dragons that grow tea leaves from their horns, and two girls who strike up a friendship while learning about them together.

From the creator: “The Tea Dragon Society is a graphic novel suitable for all-ages, in which a young blacksmith apprentice named Greta discovers the fascinating world of Tea Dragons. These cute but extremely fussy creatures require a great deal of attention and care, however they hold a magical secret that makes the trouble worthwhile. Along the way Greta meets the mysterious girl Minette, the retired adventurers Hesekiel and Erik, and of course all of their Tea Dragons.”

The Tea Dragon Society is a story told over four seasons, we meet a young goblin, Greta, who is working hard to learn blacksmithing from her mother, even though the heroes who might have needed the swords are long gone. While coming back home from the market Greta meets a small dragon who is being chased by hungry dogs. She saves the day and is promptly introduced to the dragon’s owner, Hesekiel, and introduced to the world of Tea Dragons.

Though the story is aimed at a middle-grade audience, there are many loving moments that will speak to older readers and fans of Ghibli. I adored it. You can read the story online.

I’m glad to see that on page 42, the first page of the epilogue, the caption reads: “A few people seemed to be startled by the start of the epilogue – yes, the comic is drawing to a close! I felt that I had said what I needed to with these characters, and it was always intended as a children’s graphic novel that also happened to be serialised as a webcomic, for which purpose the length is just right. I am thankful that everyone has gotten so attached to the cast and would like to see more of the world! And I do intend to explore it further, in another book.”

Pages: 72 pages
Expected publication: October 31st 2017
Publisher: Oni Press

Read: 31 July 2017
Stars: 4.5 (adored it)