Percy Jackson 3: The Titan’s Curse - Rick Riordan

The Titan’s Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #3) by Rick Riordan

This review contains spoilers for the previous books.

This book starts off with Percy’s mom driving him to boarding school. Which confused me a little bit as Thalia and Annabeth were also there, but it was just a quest— to discover some of the most anticipated characters of this series… For me anyway. It happens in the first two chapters, so is it a spoiler to say WE FINALLY GET TO MEET THE DI ANGELOS!

A lot of great moments in this book between Artemis and the Hunters, Apollo and Thalia’s impeccable fashion choices. Kudos to her, man. I love her style. The little punk.

I definitely laughed when Thalia got all flustered at Apollo and he was like HI YOURE MY HALF SISTER way to kill the mood, dude. And then we get to see him again as they journey across the states? Wow. Oh man I am gonna enjoy the Chronicles of Apollo, I already know that.

Okay, the Hunters were very cool. But I disliked the juxtaposition with the kids in Aphrodite, actually since we’re here, let me pick a bone real quick. The whole series so far Percy (or the author?) were kinda putting Aphrodite cabin down for constantly doing their hair and makeup, they have been getting quite some flack for not being ‘outdoorsy’ or, more accurately, ‘masculine’ which has been grating on me since the first. Sure, they may prioritize their appearance over shows of strength and the games that the campers play, but I am a little annoyed that we don’t get to know more about them. Even Clarisse of Ares cabin got more background in the last book.

I guess this shows growth from the character that we meet one of the kids for more than a few seconds and we see she’s as capable a cabin leader as any of the others. Silena Beauregard. Really grateful for the upgrade in their status.

But pitting the Hunters against them? I was glad that Artemis clarified all romantic love was off the table, not just boys. Still, the game of capture the flag was a bit of an obvious take...

As per usual, Percy goes on the quest— but first we get to meet the Pegasus called Blackjack. The little side adventure they go on was one moment of obvious set up, but it isn’t the only one in the book. It’s full of… I’m not sure if it’s strictly foreshadowing because it’s a little obvious.

But back to the Di Angelos, between the mythomagic game mystery (who gave it to Nico?) and the obvious jumps in their memory (what happened to them?) I was really intrigued and raring to just read their story already! But, I need to calm down, this is still Percy’s story.

We got to see a lot of gods in this one, well a few very powerful players, since we saw Dionysis act like a god for the first time, and not like a guy sobering up after a centuries long bender. Apollo sneaking in some wisdom was also a nice touch. It’s clear that Riordan likes the character. But I also just love the gods sneaking around where they shouldn’t be.

And they kept going west, it’s almost exhausting when you read these books at a breakneck pace. And who is this mystery girl? At first I thought she was a demigod, but she apparently isn’t. Has anyone else realized her initials are RED? That has to also mean something, right?

Speaking of writing that I was a bit dubious about, why didn’t Percy recognize the figurine until the very end? That’s just… that’s just a bit too much to ask of us.

My favorite part, probably was meeting Annabeth’s dad in San Francisco. Of course the book was full of emotional moments, but seeing Annabeth with her family, and the nuanced difficulty she face was lovely. Also, her dad blew my mind because he’s quite the kick-ass nerd. It’s obvious why Athena fell for him.

The ending was hard and kinda stressful. I obviously had to barrel into the sequel because I was a bit too invested in Nico’s storyline already. When he got mad at Percy, I was taken aback. I mean, I saw that Percy had anticipated it (it’s almost too heavy handed looking back) but I’m still so curious about where things will go for this dynamic duo. So young and already so much riding on them both. I’m hyped to read more about Nico, especially.

So despite it being close to midnight, I picked up the next book

In sum, this book really stepped it up. I'm not sure if it's because there was a slight bit more bite to the battles, or because more gods were mucking around where they shouldn't, or simply because Thalia was representing flawless fashion choices, but that book had been the best so far.

I won't say that Percy Jackson is a perfect series, but it has a lot going for it, and I think it deserves the hype. If you enjoyed reading Harry Potter's first couple of years at Hogwarts, you'll enjoy Percy's camp adventures.

Did this review have to be so long? Probably not.

Pages: 312
Year: June 2014 (first published May 5th 2007)
Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Read: 15 Jun 17 to 19 Jun 17
Stars: 4.5 (adored it)