Lambs Can Always Become Lions - Charlotte Anne Hamilton

Lambs Can Always Become Lions (Until Lambs Become Lions #1) by Charlotte Anne Hamilton

We all know the story of Robin Hood and Maid Marian, now here’s a sweet and romantic story which reimagines Robin as a lesbian and still madly in love with Maid Marian. Bringing the couple along in the fight against the Sheriff of Nottingham is a diverse band of Merry folx.

I was charmed by this novella, the established romance was paired with a subtle touch of homage for hardcore Robin Hood fans.

My only wish was that we had gotten more on the page development of the villains, because the Sheriff and Guy of Gisborne both seemed a little eager without fully understanding their motivation, considering they weren’t introduced early on in the story, and I think Guy was even new to the region.

But then again, the romance was so warm and well balanced between the question posed (not gonna spoil it!) and the well-rounded desires of the two women.

All in all this indie is recommended! And perhaps we'll learn more in the sequel...

Pages: 96
Year: May 15th 2017
Publisher: Self-published to Kindle

Read: 10 Jun 17 to 12 Jun 17
Stars: 3.5 (charmed)