The Star Thief - Lindsey Becker

The Star Thief by Lindsey Becker

“Young parlor maid Honorine and her friend Francis find themselves in the middle of an epic feud between a crew of scientific sailors and the magical constellations come to life.”

First off, I’m pretty sure the front cover is depicting the boy, Francis, incorrectly as white, since his mother is described as brown skinned, even though his father is white. So I think Francis is bi-racial and he appears white on the cover. I’m sure this was an honest mistake, but I hope a future edition of the book corrects this.

This book was awesome. I loved the details that Lindsey Becker poured into the house in which Francis lives and works, even the rooms that she spent little on-page time in, such as her attic bedroom. Which is more workshop than children’s room. The ships themselves, the Carina and the Gaslight are such amazing feats of creation, reminding you in little ways of how vast they are and how interesting the world in which all of this occurs is.

The conceit of living constellations was fascinating. They’re highly intelligent creatures who have constellations and are more like ‘muses’ of ancient greece, inspiring humans who come near them.

And there is a deliciously epic feud as described, I don’t want to go into too much detail, but there is a conflict within Honorine when she meets these two factions, being led to believe that both sides are right, and both sides have good reason to distrust the other. But I was still wholly unprepared for the ending. I’ll admit it, I teared up at the very end. And I’m fairly certain I’ll reread this book.

Pages: 402
Year: April 2017
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Read: 5 July 2017 to 9 July 2017
Stars: 4.5 (adored it)