Leo Loves Aries - Anyta Sunday

Leo Loves Aries (Signs of Love #1) by Anyta Sunday

I got this book off NetGalley with expectation of an honest review.

When Leo twins Theo and Leone receive a wedding invitation, featuring their respective exes, together, they declare that it is time to work really hard to move on, and they each determine to find each other a date for the wedding. When the perfect roommate, and seemingly perfect date for Leone falls into Theo’s lap, he works his darndest to get things rolling, but his overtures are misconstrued and a charming love story unfolds.

However, while this was original, well-written and refreshingly paced, Leo Loves Aries falls into the familiar pitfalls that I've grown tired of in m/m romance. Those being the gay-for-you trope which erases all sexualities besides monosexualities, and that the romance features two fairly stereotypically 'straight-passing' men. Theo, when push comes to shove, identifies as 'not repressed' instead of straight-up heterosexual.

Anyta Sunday even has another character bring up demisexuality, but his partner explains it in a few words and the book never brings it up again. I enjoyed that visibility but spent the rest of the story waiting for Theo or Jamie to identify as demisexual or something. Never happened.

We did see more effeminate gay characters, but they were secondary, as the demisexual gay man and his partner weren’t clearly defined in terms of gender expression, and the ex-boyfriend. Oh, boy, the ex-boyfriend is clearly coded as a twink, and his friends are all shown to be annoying. Not a great move.

There was so much to love, from the sincere friendship that was built between Jamie and Theo, and the good relationship fostered between Leone and everyone else. But I almost can’t help but think that Leone was only a device to show Theo’s goodness, to prove to the jerk of a know-it-all had a blind sister whom he doted on. I really enjoyed reading about a major blind character, and felt her disability was handled very well.

Good writing can't save a book from cliché. Giving it 2.5 stars for curiosity about how the astrology conceit continues in the series, though I can’t say it’s very likely I’ll read it.

Pages: 377
Year: December 4th 2016
Publisher: Anyta Sunday

Read: 13 June 2017 to 15 June 2017
Stars: 2.5