Kiss & White Lily for My Dearest Girl 1 - Canno

Kiss & White Lily for My Dearest Girl v. 1 by Canno

I'm a little on the fence with this one, while I did pre-order the sequel, I am not a huge fan of this anthology style that moves from one couple to the next instead of developing one couple for a longer period of time. Even though the couples stick around (in the background) a little more prominently than in Kindred Spirits. But, like that book, why is there no mention on the blurb that this deals with more than one couple?

At least there was kissing--but get this, there's a trope used here where a non-consensual kiss turns out to have been 'wanted' in the first place. I'm familiar with that from Yaoi manga (the hot-n-sweaty/exploitive gay romance subgenre) where, the sex is filled with a lot of someone saying 'no' because it's 'wrong' or whatever, and ultimately turned me off from reading many a well-drawn story... So to see a kiss here turn the same corner, one girl says 'no' and then later on act like she's glad that the barrier was broken.... I don't know, it smacks of something overdone and not really romantic. I've seen it in hollywood and fictional romance as well, usually the guy kisses first and then apologizes. I don't know, maybe I need to give up on finding romance that ticks all my boxes and is nice to read as well.

Honestly, the art is nice, and I thought there were some sweet moments, but the non-consensual kiss in the first part of this book hung over the rest of it like a cloud.

Here's the review from Okazu if you want to get a more experienced opinion on this yuri manga.

Pages: 176
Year: March 21, 2017
Publisher: Yen Press

Read: 1 April 2017
Stars: 2.5 (curious)