Kiss Him, Not Me! 10 - JUNKO

Kiss Him, Not Me! v. 10 by JUNKO

I reviewed the first book of this series, so if you want to know what it’s about, read that. But basically, Kae is a chubby fangirl who ships guys together (in life and in fiction) and in japan this type of fangirl is called a fujoshi. When her favorite character dies, she attracts the attention of a couple of guys (and in a later volume, a girl!) it turns out all these characters have more genuine affection for her than just attraction to her superficial appearance, even straying out of their comfort zone (and into her fandom) just to hang out with her. While it is at times heartwarming, the series thus far has shown many of the usual tropes and any hope of having real non-fujoshi queer representation is almost nil.

This book enters another player onto the scene, and I am so very done with this manga. But I’ve read 10 volumes, even at volume 9 I felt like I was in for a penny in for a pound, so I had to keep going. That really took up the whole volume, the new guy. Considering it starts out really sweet and then starts to get melodramatic, I think how you feel about the series thus far defines how you feel about this entry, because there’s terribly little development for the established cast. And honestly, it is a weird friend group, and if it weren't for Kae, they wouldn’t hang out, but I kinda like them as a group.

In sum, this is another shady entry into the history of this ‘reverse-harem’ manga. Nice to see that a pretty-face from Kae’s past doesn’t care how heavy she is, only the content of her heart, but SPOILERS he’s a creep and the gang will have to come together to save her in the next volume! So I guess the final book will deal with her finally choosing (or not choosing) this guy entered too late in the game to be a real threat, I guess.

Pages: 160
Year: April 18, 2017
Publisher: Kodansha

Read: 14 July 2017
Stars: 1.5 (bored)