Bloom Into You 1 - Nakatani Nio

Bloom Into You v. 1 by Nakatani Nio

A kind of naïve foray into highschool girl romance. I haven't read much yuri/shojo-ai/Girls Love (is GL a thing?) manga because so much of it is, basically, porn. Or intended for boys or I don't know... naïve girls. I like reading romance and since coming to grips with my own queer identity, I enjoy seeing examples of girls in relationships. Especially if there is pretty art and fluffy plot. This was not problematic, per se, since both girls admire each other, but one is more physically attracted to the other than vice versa, making it feel as though one of them may not be as sexual as the other another reviewer pointed out. If this leads to, as it occasionally does in manga, a very liberal view on sexual consent, I may have to revisit my optimism for this new series.

I, perhaps foolishly, remain hopeful.

Pages: 180
Year: January 3, 2017
Publisher:  Seven Seas

Read: 13 January 2017
Stars: 3 (liked it)