Morning Reader Edition #7

So I'm resurrecting the blog. Hello, hallo, halloo.

What's up with me?
  • I've been posting about books on Instagram since the spring equinox, and while it took me some time to get my footing, I've made some very nice friends on there. I hope to stick around for a while and see where things take me. You can follow my bookstagram @readingintwilight.
  • It's partly procrastination, it's partly a new way in my reviewing process but I've read as many books this year as I did in 2013, which was my sabbatical. You don't need to be impressed, I'm pretty proud of myself. I challenged myself to read 75 books in 2017, I've read 58 so far. You can see my thread in the LibraryThing group to get a glimpse at how things are going.
  • I also did some sorting and some shelf evaluation and decided to cull the collection I've amassed over the last decade. Part of the endeavor is to watch more book-to-movie adaptations if the book is only passingly interesting and the movie is at least an okay flick. I'm really Sarah Gruen, but I'll probably never read Water for Elephants.
  • That also means I set myself a challenge to read books I've owned for over a year, there's a group on LibraryThing called Read Our Own Tomes (ROOT) and I've read 5 out of 10 for my challenge.
  • Recently I posted about a monthlong readathon I'm cohosting with some instagrammers. Feel free to join us.
Older things of interest:
  • There's a lot of hate for bad books, bad writing, bad authors on goodreads, but when it's eloquent like this, you remember why freedom of speech tastes is important. Criticism never tasted so sweet. Vanessa's review of Reawakened by Colleen Houck.
  • And here's a sad story with a great comments section.