Showcase Sunday #10

Showcase Sunday is a feature on Vicki's blog, Books, Biscuits and Tea, which shows off the books which one has acquired in the past week, from any and all sources. Whether purchased online as an ebook or in hardback from a brick and mortar store, received for review or as a gift, it's just another way to make all your blogging acquaintances jelly.

I've gotten quite a few books over the last couple months, but had a temporary job in the meantime. These are the books I bought while on that job.

I apologize in advance for surprisingly blurry photos. I wanted to shoot them in my room, but it's such a mess in here, and part of the problem is all the books lying around.

A Question of Honor by Lynne Olson and Stanley Cloud
A history of the most revered, decorated and successful fighter pilots of the Battle for Britain. Snubbed by the Allies and often forgotten by historians. The fighter pilots who came to England after the blitz of 1939 are an inspiring group.
Heart of Europe by Norman Davies
The first edition was billed as a 'short history of Poland' which I ordered from the library without checking the page count. It was about 500 pages long. It was updated in 2001 and is titled 'The Past in Poland's Present'.
A Nervous Splendor by Frederic Morton
The year of this history, Vienna 1888-1889, is the year that Crown Prince Rudolf and his mistress died. It follows Klimt and Freud through the cobbled streets...

The Islands of Chaldea by Diana Wynnes Jones and Ursula Jones
The last book by DWJ, posthumously completed by her sister.
A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab
An impulse purchase. Not the best writing I've written, but the wonderful cover plus and intriguing concept makes for a curious reader.
Reflections: On the Magic of Writing by Diana Wynne Jones
Before she passed away in 2011, she selected pieces, essays, articles, interviews and speeches from her life to be published. Neil Gaiman writes the forward.
After a bit of a crisis I decided to splurge on it. I've wanted it for a while now.

Emotional First Aid by Guy Winch
After hearing his TED talk, I knew I had to have this book.
Farewell Fables: Issue #150
It's a whopper. How else would you say goodbye to 10 years of a great series?

There's a new game store in town so I thought I'd give them a little business... 
and also I wanted this game.

Anything pique your interest?