Morning Reader Edition #5

It's been a long time. There will have to be some changes.
  • Firstly, this blog isn't much for an audience anyway (hello future readers) so I'm going to officially make note that this blog is for me, a way to track the books I've read, what I thought of them, what happened, and whether or not they are worth giving as gifts to various persons.
  • As such, not that I ever said I would, I'm saying that if you really want to read my posts subscribe, I'm not going to hold to a schedule. I may not post for months, but I may post a couple times in a week, or even a day.
  • Since I just posted two comic book reviews, you can see that I'm widening the field a little. I mean, I already did audiobooks.
  • There will be spoilers on this blog, but I will try to contain them to certain sections of each post, or at least to the post. I won't spoil Book 2 in a review of Book 1 for example.
  • I have a lot of catching up to do. 
    • The Nightrunner Series, which I love!
    • Many Teen Titans and Young Avengers comics.
    • Some history books. I started a couple and now...
  • Doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of things.
  • I also got some books which I have shared on the instagram (follow me @readingintwilight) but not here.