Review: Endless - Amanda Grey

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This book was okay. The worst thing was that I thought things would be as good at the end as they were at the beginning. A case of 'idea sounds better than it was in execution.' A story about a dream-traveling girl with magic hands uncovering a secret cult in her home town, except, there was a romance that got in the way, and the villains were not so good. The bad guys were a poor version of Scientology meets Lemony Snicket's VFD. (Doesn't that sound appealing, though?) After the first chapter I was ready to get sucked in, but then once I'd read the thing, I felt like a great many of us felt after Twilight. In case you didn't read that, basically you've read 500 pages of stuff but feel like not that much happened. I don't mean that in an existential way - you just feel empty inside. Despite all the heart-pounding, all the voracious page-flipping, you wonder what happened aside from Bella staring at and thinking about Edward a lot. Here it is again. However, I can tell you the last chapters, while very Scooby-Doo, were jarring. The team gets together, bags the baddie, but it was such a departure from the thoughtful painting that Jenny does, the whirlwind descent into the Romanov family life of the past, and the creepy monks who seem to follow Jenny. It also reminded me a little of the Beautiful Creatures series, only in that the parents aren't all clueless, but the helpful ones are invariably dead. Jenny may save the gentleman in distress, and the end does tie things up enough while leading on for the next book, but it felt a little silly, is all. For that kind of beginning I was hoping for more than just a mystical romance. It's definitely readable, but I don't think I'll pick up the sequel.

"Tolerable, but not interesting enough to tempt me."

384pp. Month9Books. 10 Sept. 2013.