Mini-Reviews: First Impressions, Rhythm of Three, Reward of Three

First Impressions by Josephine Myles

Sweet, short, silly in a good way. I like Josephine Myles, but I sometimes feel as though her characters are very detailed, life-like marionettes. In Hot Floor, which I loved, it was like watching an elaborate play, everything staged precisely. That isn’t to say that it was contrived, or that it was unbelievable, just that its not very organic. There are clear goals and the characters, like actors in an improv sketch or a dinner theater mystery, head there with a variety of movement, but the result is always clear. The combination of a tight-shirt-wearing publishing assistant and a dreadlocked artist is not unexpected, if slightly surprising at first, it’s just a little too clean. I know this is a short, but I do like to have things a little more complicated. I suppose that this is a cute little read and I should just avoid them in the future. I’m probably expecting too much of a simple ‘feel good’ read.

That being said, we should not lower our standards of what we are willing to read just because there is dearth of things that we want to read.

22pp. Torquere Press. 29 Jan. 2011.

Rhythm of Three by Kelly Jamieson 

It’s hard to talk about the much anticipated follow up to Rule of Three without drawing too many comparisons with that first book and, inevitably, making this one sound worse than it was. I’m not well-read in this sub-genre, but I loved Rule of Three. And although I’m pretty sure that Kelly was on the right track when she initially didn’t announce a sequel, I was glad she wrote it. Sometimes an author’s (or editor, or publishers) gut reaction to advance praise is to announce a series, and that isn’t always good. Sometimes the end is as far as it should go, even when we think we want more. (My brother and I both want a sequel to Will in Scarlet, dammit!) All in all, this book was many things I don’t like, and will only be for fans of the first novel, definitely for others picking up random romances to read. I don’t recommend this as a quickie, despite it’s length. For fans, I think if you wanted a little more, definitely read Rhythm of Three.

137pp. Samhain. 29 Oct. 2013.

Reward of Three by Kelly Jamieson

I went into this with only what the blurb told me, because, I read the other two, of course I'm going to finish this trilogy. Oh man! Angst and emotional people everywhere! But, like, in a good way. As I said with Rhythm of Three, which deals with buying a house, coming out to parents, and just... settling in, it's a continuation of Rule of Three. If you loved the first one, read these (and dare I say, the third one more so than the second one?) but if you were lukewarm and don't need 'marital' bliss than you can pass on these.

That being said, I'm a fan of angst and if you are, too, this is so worth it. The tension balances really well with the resolution. Kelly Jamieson is a star.

135pp. Samhain. 8 July 2014.