Morning Reader Edition #2

What's new in my world of bookish things?
  • I've been going through all the comic freebies I got from Comixology and Google Play and will be letting my thoughts loose on #1 issues for several series. 
  • Speaking of which, I've been itching to read the new Guardians of the Galaxy - I'm so excited about the movie, and I really like those characters. A little sad that Martyr doesn't seem to be on the roster for the movie. Then again, neither is Iron Man. I signed up for Marvel Unlimitied, and will talk about that soon.
  • I completed my collection of FAKE by Sanami Matoh the BL manga about cops in New York. I'll read and review that soon.
  • Silver Publishing, an infamous press of gay romance has closed its doors and many authors who were with them are looking to republish soon.
  • I'm currently reading a good YA romance that I hope won't loose steam, Endless by Amanda Gray, an instant read from NetGalley. As well as The Last Akaway that has the demographic stamp of approval: a 9 year-old I was babysitting couldn't get enough of it.
  • Heather got me into Lendle, a service that lets you lend your kindle books to other kindle users and borrow them as well. It makes me wish my 100+ kobo romances were kindle books instead, oh well. I've already gotten some good use out of it. I borrowed a novella by Josephine Myles and borrowed (then got for free) a Christian Romance which was apparently cliche of the sub-genre, despite the fact that I enjoyed it.
  • In case you missed it I just posted a not-so-nice review, of a book that I hope will get a revamp soon: Artificial Moonlight by DJ Manly & AJ Llewelyn
  • Before that I finally reviewed the hard boiled romp through Louisiana's seedy addicts, The Glass Rainbow by James Lee Burke, #18 of the Dave Robicheaux series. The audiobook was narrated by Will Patton.
  • Kindle Tablets are currently on sale - and they've never been this low before. I bought a paperwhite while they were on sale and while it's not the ereader to end all, it's very nice. I'm not an Amazon lover, but for those who are on the brink of buying one, now may be the time.
I'm trying out the 'bolded headline under the post title' thing. It may go away soon. In part inspired by several people I follow on GoodReads.