Friday, November 22, 2013

Your Adobe info has probably been compromised...

If you have an account with Adobe, you should know that Reuters reports:
A computer security firm has uncovered data it says belongs to some 152 million Adobe Systems Inc user accounts, suggesting that a breach reported a month ago is far bigger than Adobe has so far disclosed and is one of the largest on record.

LastPass, a password security firm, said on Thursday that it has found email addresses, encrypted passwords and password hints stored in clear text from Adobe user accounts on an underground website frequented by cyber criminals.
This means not only that your Adobe account has been compromised, but that any accounts sharing email and password should definitely be overhauled as soon as possible! This is why you shouldn't have the same password on more than one website. Difficult I know, but if your greatest threat is a cyber rather-than a personal attack, consider having a little address book with passwords as a solution - just don't lose that book!

Stay safe.

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