Review: Rule of Three - Kelly Jamieson

Rule of Three by Kelly Jamieson

Kassidy and Chris are successful, happily committed to each other, and still going at it like bunnies. You'd think there's nothing missing, but when an old friend of Chris's comes into town, bad boy image intact despite his million-dollar business ideas, and a little alcohol loosens their inhibitions and leads to a crowded night, it turns out good for everyone. But when it turns into a repeat event, things start to get interesting.

Kassidy begins to worry about how this looks, what this means and the boys, treading old planks, only worry that she worries. Until it comes out that Dag has been getting over Chris since the day he met him. And it's entirely possible that Chris also has ulterior motives for repeatedly jumping into beds beside his college buddy.

If they're honest though, there's a lot of stuff going on besides the pleasure. And while the graphic sex is hot, for those of you who look for that in a romance, the character development between these three was heartbreaking and really well done.

Kassidy realizes that she loves them both very much, and when she feels that she may be the problem in their relationship, she determines that she is willing to do anything for these two guys. I think the fact that she is the most faceted character, and really the linchpin in their relationship, makes for such a compelling read. She's a little blind where it counts though, but still picks up on things almost as fast as we do.

Kelly Jamieson has won me over with her too-perfect cast of characters finding trouble and love. They do the obligatory talk it over, but they don't talk it to death. There's conflict, mostly in the form of Kassidy's family, accidents and surprises, but it doesn't feel like last-minute additions.

I'm also thrilled to hear that Rule of Three will be getting a sequel where, I hope, we get a little more angst about this unconventional relationship, and some more surprises. That'll be along October 29th.

262pp. Samhain. 14 Feb 2012.
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