Rulebreaker - Cathy Pegau

Rulebreaker by Cathy Pegau

Liv Braxton is one of the better criminals in the star system. This is mostly due to the set of rules she's been following since age four. Felon's Rule #1: don't get involved. In her newest and perhaps most daring hit yet, it's also going to be the hardest.

Alias Olivia Baines is pulled into a stunning multi-stage hit by her ex-husband, Tonio, who's still got it going on, she's painfully reminded. Blind-sided by her mother's surprise re-appearance in her life, she'll be helping the bad guys stick-it-to-the-man and make them all filthy rich besides. Until her target, powerful and gorgeous Zia Talbot makes Liv question herself in ways no one, especially no woman, ever has.

Full disclosure, I wanted to know what's going on on the other side of the romance aisle, so I went with one of highest rated lesbian romances that Harlequin's imprint Carina Press had on sale. Need I say that it was one of a handful of options anyway? I have to say, this book surprised me and grew on me. Early review scouring landed this book back on my to-read shelf several times, but a recent lay-over in a train station gave me the opportunity I'd been waiting for and I dove in.

Rulebreaker has a bit of a problem unfortunately, since it sits as one of the few lesbian romance titles in Carina's selection, it isn't nearly as much as a romance as a futuristic coporate-espionage story. There were times where Liv felt more than a little hardboiled, and even the sci-fi aspects didn't come off strong. There are some moments reminiscent of a Star Trek episode and even a few clever jokes, but it ultimately fell flat. It surprised me in what it achieved, and the dearth of sex scenes was not unwelcome, but when one expects one thing and is delivered another, it's a little bit of a problem. Here's to hoping that fewer people pick this one up without knowing what they're in for.

Also, how much do you like the cover? I have to admit, I'm a sucker for a sci-fi and this one looked good. That isn't to say it wasn't, just not what I expected.

Pages: 252
Year: 8th Oct 2011
Publisher: Carina

Read: 2013
Stars: 2.5 (curious)