Micro-Reviews: Ménage Romance

I recently read, not terribly intentionally, a short erotic romance with revolved around a Ménage à Trois. Trusting in the not-so-bad results of this experiment, I read on, and got some seriously mixed results. I made gif reviews where I could, but there has to be a certain bad-ness on some level for a book to deserve a gif review. One honestly cannot say how to go on from here.

Wicked Sexy (Wicked³ #1) by R.G. Alexander

The bad that started it all. It was short, it was free, I was curious how this would turn out. It was surprisingly interesting and sexy. We hitch a ride in with a girl who is best-friends with a witch, and has to figure out who is murdering witches of a certain type. In this world all magical-folks have to end up in a triad of two men and one woman. Hijinks with sexy brothers ensue.

Wicked Bad (Wicked³ #2) by R.G. Alexander

This is the sequel, yeah, I know, starring the best friend, who might be the cleverest witch of her age, but no one likes her. It's a little cliché. Throw in some odd dynamics and curiously consensual without-consent sex, and you have one what-the-f romance.

Three for Me by R.G. Alexander

Is this turning into an R.G. Alexander appreciation post? Nope, definately not. The poor lady doesn't have much luck where I am concerned. This book was filled with hot sex, and an interesting plot and a curiously positive portrayal of polyamory. That being said, I was disappointed and wanted a little more from it. I need to start judging books by their covers.

I then read Rule of Three by Kelly Jamieson which was so good it'll get it's own review. Review is here.

Who's Your Daddy? by Lauren Gallagher

I knew going in that Who's Your Daddy? would not be a joke, but funny, would be filled with sex, but also with depth. Coming off of Rule of Three it made sense for me to try a longer Ménage. This was, however, overwritten and entirely too idealistic. Everyone fell in love, there's a baby, there's loads of sex. The conflicts weren't enough for me, even though I was definitely invested in all the characters.

Maybe I should start a tumblr for all this gif nonsense? I don't think I'll read more of this type of fluff though. So, thoughts?