Micro-Reviews: Gay Romance

I recently read a bunch of Gay Romance 'quickies' that is to say, none of them took me very long to finish, and since I didn't have much to say on any of them, only that I liked them or didn't, and could sum up their plot with a few well-chosen animated GIFs, I didn't review them here. But now that I have amassed a somewhat bizarre collection, I thought I'd share with you some short thoughts on them.

The Stable Boy by Megan Derr

The Stable Boy is a novella-length 'gift' which Megan Derr distributes for free. Inspired by fairy-tales with a little more grit than the Grimm brothers would have deemed seemly for ladies, this was oddly entertaining. There's a curse, a long-distance engagement, deadly sword-fighting, and con-men involved. Luckily there is hardly any horse jargon.

I rated it 3 stars, liked it, on GoodReads, where you can also read my gif-heavy review.

Marking Time by C. J. Anthony

Another free ebook, which was pleasantly surprising. The romance was slow-burn, always a plus, and even romantic (!?) so I can recommend this one. Did I mention it's free? It's about an openly-gay man who enlists in the military and the agony of being in love with someone whom you can't openly be in love with, due to Don't Ask, Don't Tell. But Anthony manages to tie this into a happy ending.

I rated it 4 stars, really liked it, on GoodReads, where you can read an entertaining and maybe bittersweet plot summary in gif-form.

With Abandon (With or Without #4) by J.L. Langley

I actually paid money for this one. I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about for these were-wolf or shifter romances. It always struck me a bit weird, but then again, I did pick up and start reading a romance about a lady-knight and a dragon once, so... I think this might be a taste thing. I wanted more romance, more story, but this was mostly sex and expensive housing. There's usually conflict at some point in these, and when it showed up, I was not at all invested.

I rated it 1 star, didn't like it, on GoodReads and summed it up with two gifs.

I also just read Captain's Surrender by Alex Beecroft which was everything it was hyped up to be. Look forward to a review of that soon! Review here.