Cover Curiosities #1

Maybe this will turn into a feature/meme, it needs a good name though.

I found this whilst digging around on LibraryThing; look at the Dutch cover of Labyrinth! 

Within the mountains of Carcassone, a great secret is buried...

Made as part of a celebration of Orion Publishing Group's twentieth anniversary.
Reminds me of a typical German book cover.

There's also the often used forest pathway with a girl holding a bird-cage. I found this edition at a relatives house:

She is actually the inspiration for this feature, as I once read a blog post from Caustic Covers, and now found an entire list on Goodreads for That One Woman with a Birdcage. The first thing I ever read about such occurrences in book covers I can't find anymore.

This meme will probably morph, as I highlight more book covers.