One's Personal Library

My library is a shambles. And I keep buying more books. Not to mention that my memory has been lacking of late. There are around one thousand un-read books on my shelves, and I intend to leave the country within a few months. One can imagine the predicament.

The title of this blog, Aurora Lector, is named as such because I spend the morning hours reading. I end up writing, mostly, at that time, and well into the hours of the day. With the new year, however, it is my intent to read a good deal of my books before I leave them to the moths and the bookworms. The dust bunnies are already in attendance.

At the moment I am reading Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. It is gripping, well researched, yet somewhat lacking. It is no literary achievement, but reads well enough for the idle perusal. One shall find out how it holds out for the long run.

The most recent copy of Asimov's Magazine contains an alternative-history novella which surprised me, The Weight of the Sunrise by Vylar Kaftan. (Preview only, here; her website is here.) Imagining a South America where the Incan Empire survives into the 19th century, and consider bartering with the Thirteen Colonies for a smallpox vaccine. I'll probably have to read it again, as I was caught unawares by it, but it is filled with atmosphere, poignant imagery, and good writing. If one can get to one's local big-chain or wherever lit-mags are sold, one must buy a copy; it will cost one less than five USD.